Family Fodder


Formed around 1975.
Line-up included Alig (John Pearce), Ian Hill, Dominique Levillain, Felix Fiedorowicz, Martin Frederix, Bazz Smith, Graham Painting, Mark Doffmann, Lynn Alice.
Their music incorporated acoustic, soft rock, punk, new wave, reggae, dub, classical and chanson.
Lynn Alice later took the place as lead singer of Dominique Levillain who went into teaching her own creative technique known as Prymary Rhythms (Ryhtmes Premiers).
Rick Wilson and Mick Hobbs (The Work), Charles Bullen, Charles Hayward (This Heat) and David Cunningham or Judy Carter have also collaborated with the group. , Bandcamp , Facebook , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Idol Fodder, Vox Humana (8)
Members:Bazz Smith, Dominique Levillain, Felix Fiedorowicz, Graham Painting, Ian Hill, John Pearce (2), Judy Carter, Lynn Alice, Martin Harrison, Mick Hobbs, Rick Wilson, Vox Humana (8)
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