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Sven Väth

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Sven Väth
Sven Väth (Born: 26 October 1964 in Obertshausen, Germany), is Germany's most enduring and accomplished DJ/producer. Since he began DJ'ing at the famous Dorian Gray club at the age of 18, Sven has created ripples through the world of electronic music in many ways: As co-founder of the trendsetting labels Eye Q Records, Harthouse and Cocoon Recordings; as owner of the clubs OMEN and Cocoon Club; and perhaps most importantly, as the godfather of Germany's trance and techno scene since its inception in the early 90s. Sven, like no other person in electronic dance music, has the ability to expose underground sounds to the mass population. His 14+ hour sets are the stuff of legend, and he will be DJ'ing parties until he his unable to physically operate a turntable - and even then he will be doing something innovative to propel electronic music into the new era.
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Sven Väth Discography Tracks


Sven Väth Accident In Paradise (Album) Eye Q Records, WEA Germany 1992 Sell This Version
Sven Väth The Harlequin - The Robot And The Ballet-Dancer (Album) Eye Q Records, Eye Q Records Germany 1994 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Touch Themes Of Harlequin - Robot - Ballet-Dancer (Album) Eye Q Records, Eye Q Records UK 1995 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Fusion (Album) Virgin, Virgin US 1998 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Six In The Mix (The Fusion Remix Collection '99) (Album) Virgin, Virgin, Virgin Japan 1999 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Contact (Album) Virgin, Virgin, Virgin Europe 2000 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Fire (Album) Virgin Germany 2002 Sell This Version
7243 581701 2 2 Sven Väth Fire Works(CD, Album) Virgin 7243 581701 2 2 Germany 2003 Sell This Version
RA.EX200 Sven Väth RA.EX200 Sven Väth(File, MP3, 320) Resident Advisor RA.EX200 UK 2014

Singles & EPs

Sven Väth Ritual Of Life (Ritual Mixes) (Single, Maxi) Eye Q Records, Eye Q Records Europe 1993 Sell This Version
Sven Väth An Accident In Paradise (Remixes) (Maxi, Single) Eye Q Records, Eye Q Records Germany 1992 Sell This Version
Sven Väth L'Esperanza (Maxi, Single) Eye Q Records, WEA Music, WEA Music Spain 1993 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Ritual Of Life / An Accident In Paradise (The Remixes) (Maxi, Single) Warner Bros. Records, Warner Bros. Records US 1993 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Harlequin - The Beauty And The Beast (Single, Maxi) Eye Q Records, Eye Q Records US 1994 Sell This Version
PRO-A-6741 Sven Väth / Bluescreen Sven Väth / Bluescreen - Soil X Samples 16(12", Promo, Blu) WEA International Inc. PRO-A-6741 US 1994 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Ballet-Fusion (Single, Maxi) Eye Q Records, Eye Q Records Germany 1994 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Fusion / Scorpio's Movement (Single, Maxi, EP) Virgin Germany 1997 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Omen A.M. Virgin, Virgin UK 1998 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Face It (Maxi) Virgin, Virgin, Virgin UK 1998 Sell This Version
7243 8 95339 6 5 Sven Väth Sounds Control Your Mind(12") Virgin 7243 8 95339 6 5 Germany 1998 Sell This Version
7243 8 95338 6 6 Sven Väth Breakthrough(12") Virgin 7243 8 95338 6 6 Germany 1998 Sell This Version
7243 895278 6 5, 7243 8 952786 5 Sven Väth Schubdüse(12") Virgin, Virgin 7243 895278 6 5, 7243 8 952786 5 Germany 1998 Sell This Version
Sven Väth Dein Schweiss (Maxi) Virgin US 1999 Sell This Version
7243 895336 6 8, 7243 8 953366 8 Sven Väth Augenblick(12") Virgin, Virgin 7243 895336 6 8, 7243 8 953366 8 Germany 1999 Sell This Version
7243 895337 6 7 Sven Väth Discophon(12") Virgin 7243 895337 6 7 Germany 1999 Sell This Version

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February 13, 2018
When I see the name disc-jockey, I stop and think: the first name to which I thought, to which I think and to which I will always think .. well it can only be Sven Vath, the best dj of always unique and inimitable, a step above anyone else, a living legend, a legendary and unreachable career for anyone, thanks for everything, continue like this for me you are still a myth today !!! !!!


March 18, 2014
Whatever forms of House and Techno you are into then you have probably heard of Sven Vath and he really does deserve the respect he gets. He's like Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig or Kevin Saunderson in that he's been there since the beginning doing his thing and reinventing himself but changing with the tides as electronic music changes. He still plays only 100% vinyl and all discogs sellers/buyers gotta respect that right?


November 22, 2011
Not too many words to say but, after i encountered Father Sven i can life is complete now.


January 22, 2010
Sven will always be the most influential figure in electronic dance music to me, and many others, of various ages since 1988 all the way to today in 2010. I first discovered him in 1994 through his debut album Accident In Paradise, released a couple years earlier. Along with the Trance Europe Express 2 compilation, this album forever changed me from a former rock & metal fan into an electronic music fan. What is it about this sound that is so timeless? Part of that credit should be given to studio mate Ralf Hildenbeutel, who provided quite a bit of the ambience and sound design in the album. But Sven is more than a producer, he is an entity of music, living and breathing and sharing it with the rest of the world as if he is on a mission from God to do so. Being in the States, I did not get the chance to see him until I was much older and he played in LA at Spundae club in 2003. What a performance, what a stage presence! He looked deeply into everyone's souls that night and got them onto the dancefloor like it was their last night on earth. I was fortunate to corner him and Richie (his "opening" talent!) at the end of his set and talk to him about his days at Omen and what he thinks of techno at that point in time. He was incredibly friendly, helpful and interested to hear what I had to say and of course, humble and grateful of my praise. He even gave me his email address and told me to stay in touch with my own techno happenings in LA. A class act if there ever was one, a living legend, Sven don't ever stop what you do!


February 28, 2008
Only one comment on der BABA!!??

Well, I experienced him for the first time in 1996 @ Skanderborg Festival in Denmark. What a turning point that became. It was a revalation which instantly made me realize that since the beginning of my journey into electronic music in 1993, I had never come across genuine quality before.

His presence...Oh the presence! No-one I have seen ever since have been able to shine behind those decks as Baba. Confidence, quality track selection and this inexplainable aura. I was sold and have since travelled thousands and thousands of miles to re-witness the sensation. That man can span a time-bow without breaking a sweat. It´s not that much in the mix (though I must point out that his 30 sec to 1 minute seamless mixes are a trademark - not lack of skills!), but in the flow of the tracks. The way he´s able to find tunes that just fit like...Well you get my point.

Nowadays I have moved on from that Sven-sound to all kinds of shit, but still I had a blast seeing him again - for the first time in 4 years - in 2007. Still bringing just a single slingback of, maybe 60 vinyls. Still the magic.

I will always love you Sven! You truly are a one-of-a-kind.

Thanks for the inspiration and for the good times <3<3<3


December 17, 2006
edited over 11 years ago
I have experienced him live for the 1st time in 1990 in a small sweaty club with a capacity of 200 people. On the heights of the movement he was riding the wave very well at Omen. His performances are certainly remembered by any who have had the joy to see him in action. Mayday 1992 certainly was a revelation. Not that his DJ skills are godlike, there certainly are better mixers around, the way he is able to steer a crowd though is remarkable. He describes himself as a dancer and that is his virtue, still.
It is astonishing that he is one of the few, who grew out of the closet into mainstream without losing his club credibility. I see him live once year on an open air festival and I have to admit that I've never had a dull moment....


December 13, 2006
edited over 11 years ago
It requires almost a circular reasoning to explain why we admire Sven so much. First of all the music he creates has soul, feeling, emotion- it's sly, intelligent and rythmically superior. When you listen to a Vath track you wonder if he first had those crazy sounds in his head, then spent hours tweaking samplers and production equipment to produce sounds that matched what was in his head. OR, did he just turn on the machine and, through shear brilliance, morph basic tones and samples into amazing techno?

Sven is not a DJ Pierre (scratching records), he's not Lekebusch (mixing 3 records at once), and he's not Liebing (using samplers and air effect to blow your mind with talent). But his vision into which tracks and in what order to play them is astounding. His timing is nothing shy of perfect- his mixes drop sounds and pick up new riffs mechanically, almost willfully, without the need to overuse the mixer or show off with filters and delays.

And, most importantly, Sven is the only DJ alive that can mix ANY, absolutely ANY, 2 records together as if they were meant to be played in sequence. He brings together so many different styles and flavors of smart techno and blends them together like a Long Island Iced Tea. You know Sven is the master, so when he reaches a little deeper into the crate and spins a record with a more unorthodox sound, it's almost like the record would be nothing without Sven. It's HIS genius that makes you shake your head and say, "No Way! It's not possible! This is so fresh and groundbreaking!"

Perhaps a simpler explanation is that Sven somehow sees deep into your soul, into places that YOU don't even have access to, and discovers what your heart wants to hear next. Then he pulls that exact record from the crate, melts it into the one playing, and gives a smile to the crowd that says, "this is what you were hoping for, right?"

There are many exciting DJ's to watch, and many terrific producers to listen to, but Vath is synonomous with soul. Do not pass up an opportunity to watch him play. He is simply the greatest.


December 10, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
Sven has dominated the techno scene for many many years now. Sven first did trance in the beginning of the 90s and later he found his passion for techno and have made techno since then and its always high quality music from Sven..
Sven has big hits like : L Esperanza,Ritual of life,Ballet fusion,Scorpios Movement and many many more hits. He is also famous for his Cocoon label and club. Everyone who has been in this scene for many years knows who he is and love him.. When he is behind the decks people know its gonna be a huge set ...

If there is a history book about the Electronic dance scene you will find Sven there...


March 27, 2004
Sven's charisma is incredible, and although he doesn't show a lot of mixing techniques, the selection of traxx he makes always roxx the house!!!
I've heard Him 3 times so far...First time He played in front of 7000 people in Bulgaria, where i come from, in year 2000. He stayed behind the decks for 8 hours and everybody were absolutely crazy all of these 8 hours...
in 2003 He visited us again, and although He played "only" 4hrs this time Sven played absolutely unbelieveble tracks, there was no way to stay in one place - dance,dance,dance!!
The third chance i had to hear Him was in Florida 142, Spain while i was on vacation in Barcelona. After 2 months of listening to the new stuff that comes out, in my mind i was remembering the tracks from Sven's set in Florida 142.
Sven is GOD.


March 26, 2003
Vätish! I was on two sets, one in '94 at the legendary Cologne based Techno Club Warehouse (simply one of the roughest audiences in Europe) and years later at the Love Park placed at the Berlin Tresor backyard during Love Parade 2000...

Both sets were so stunningly hard no one could stand still. Especially for the German audience (with Kraftwerk, DAF and others in mind...) Väth is like a good friend who plays the sounds you want to hear on the floor as he always pursues to play a bit harder than others do without ever playing monotonous bollock hardcore.

My girlfriend has encountered him several times in his studio when she was 16 - she liked his sets (full of Frankfurt Trance and not that hard at these days) but never appreciated those moments as quite important as in her words he was just a normal guy drinkng champagne and taking drugs; phew, I would have sold my soul to be so close to him!

His records are mostly well-done up-to-date productions with the last two (Contact and Fire) being more dancable and more interesting due to the partners in crime Anthony Rother, Johannes Heil and especially Wuttke / Flügel who produced the tracks.

Väth has no technical excellence, he don't 'showcase' his record box like Hell or Dave Clarke do, he ain't the guy touched by the Hand of God but nobody knows to make the crowd go mad on music better than he does. At the hitlist of the "Most valuable artist in contemporary electronic dance music" he is leading the pace together with Jeff Mills and Ritchie Hawtin.

If you have a chance to see him, go there, don't miss it!


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