Azul Y Negro


Spanish techno-pop duo founded by Carlos García Vaso & Joaquín Montoya in 1981. Carlos García-Vaso (guitar) founded "Cáñamo" in 1976 with Manolo Tena and Antonio Molina. Soon he joined Granada (2) to record just one album: "Valle del Pas" (1978) and founded "Greta" (a pop rock band). Joaquín Montoya is a classical trained piano and keyboards player, born in 1950 in Cartagena.

José Antonio Álvarez replaced Montoya in 1993 for their last album. They rejoined in 2002.
Since 2013 the 2 members are Carlos García Vaso and Carlos López.

In 2020, and after Carlos G. Vaso was seriously infected with Covid, the two original components decide to meet again, which will lead Montoya to rejoin the group. , Wikipedia , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube
Members:Carlos García Vaso, Joaquin Montoya, José Antonio Álvarez (3)
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