Rockets history starts in Paris (France), in the year 1972, when they were known under the name Crystal. In 1974, they changed their name to Rocket Men (or Rocketters) as five aliens, bald, with grey eyes, silver skin and space suits, recording the single 'Rocket Man' produced by Claude Lemoine, who would become their producer 'til 1983.
In 1975, they changed their name in Rockets and recorded a single 'Future woman'. In 1976, their first LP entitled, 'Rockets' was released in France, and the group launched a series of phantasmagoric live shows which involved vocoder, lasers, coloured lights, smoke and a bazooka fighting flames three . Their following LP 'On the road again' (1978), is released in a large number of countries. The American release was on the Tom n'Jerry label. , Instagram , Facebook , YouTube , , , , , Wikipedia
Aliases:Rocket Men (2), The Rocketters
Members:Alain Groetzinger, Alain Maratrat, André Thus, Bernard Torelli, Christian Le Bartz, Claude Lemoine, Fabrice Quagliotti, Gerard L'Her, L.B.M, Sal Solo
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