Lois Reeves

Lois Reeves

Real Name:
Sandra Delores Reeves
Born April 12, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan. Sister of Martha Reeves and Benny Reeves.

Became the fourth Vandella in 1967 and in the early 1970's became a member of Quiet Elegance. Affectionately called "Pee Wee" as she stood 5 ft 1, she was the shortest member of the group. Having business experience, she was also in charge of negotiating contracts, collecting fees, handling hotel reservations, travel arrangements and bookkeeping for the group.

Lois eventually left show business. In the early 1990s, she made her solo recording debut for the Motorcity Records label with the single "Patience Is A Virtue".

She has worked behind the scenes at the Detroit Symphony and has worked for the NAACP. These days she mostly tours with Martha Reeves, performing with her sister Delphine as The Vandellas.
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Lois Reeves Patience Is A Virtue (Single) Motorcity Records UK 1991 Sell This Version