Steve Stoll

Real Name:Stephen Thomas Stollmeyer

American techno and ambient producer and DJ, born in 1967 in Staten Island.

Since the early 90s Steve Stoll has been a fixture on the global techno scene, traveling the world with a laptop and a record crate. With his well deserved reputation as a "producer's producer" and his stripped down minimalist approach to music, Steve was signed to Ritchie Hawtin's “Probe" label in 1992, and the rest is techno history. Also owned the Proper N.Y.C. label.

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , Wikipedia
Aliases:Acid Farm, Ausgang, Cobalt (2), Counter Measures, Critical Mass (2), Datacloud, Floating Point, Mr. Proper, Storm (2), Systematic (5), Test Tones, The Blunted Boy Wonder, The Dark Man, The Operator (2), Time Attack
In Groups:Gaiden, Hemisphere (3), KMFDM, Sister Machine Gun, The Carbon Boys, Two On Acid, Voyager 8
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