Blank Fasiz

Blank Fasiz

Blank Fasiz is made up of two members, the first being Aftamaf who believes that the music that Blank Fasiz puts out has to have a positive message. The other member is KWE, which stands for knowledge, wisdom, and equality. Blank Fasiz like many other artists have had to struggle, both financially and mentally. They have waited patiently, all the while, honing their craft and gathering knowledge and experiences. That is what makes them the hot-ticket in the hip-hop scene. They have a powerful positive message to give the listeners, and their fans are a loyal, positive following. They feel that the positive message in their lyrics is what makes their music unique. Blank Fasiz goes back to around 1995 when Aftamaf, KWE, and Mike Franco met in Providence. They formed the New Realm Record label, so that they could pursue their dream of positive hip-hop. They felt that the genre has far too much sex and violence in the lyrics, which is a bad influence for the youth. So, they undertook the self appointed position of teaching fans that a more positive type of hip-hop is in the groove. Blank Fasiz has a mission to complete, and we can expect to hear some powerful messages coming out of New Realm Records and Blank Fasiz.


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Blank Fasiz Futuristic Rymes (EP) New Realm Records, Inc. US 1997 Sell This Version
Blank Fasiz Mind Power (EP) New Realm Records, Inc. US 1998 Sell This Version
Blank Fasiz We Came To Blaze (EP) New Realm Records, Inc. US 1999 Sell This Version

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