Fiorello La Guardia

Real Name:
Fiorello Enrico La Guardia
Fiorello Henry La Guardia, born Fiorello Enrico La Guardia (New York, December 11, 1882 - New York, September 20, 1947), the son of Italian immigrants, was an American politician. It was called amicably "the Little Flower", or as the English translation of his name in reference to his short stature.



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January 30, 2009
La Guardia's personality was openly and clearly displayed in his frequent radio broadcasts.
His subjects varied, some of them were funny, he read recipes to housewives, denounced the war, some of them were hot-tempered and he even read the comics for children during a newspaper strike; which brings me to the first track on side A.
Mr. La Guardia was having fun reading from a "Dick Tracy" comic book to the kids in 1945 because there were no newspapers in circulation and the poor children of Manhattan had no "funnies" to read.
The most catchy phrase sampled from that segment is the one that goes like: "And think children; what does it all mean?".
It appears many times throughout De La Soul's "The Magic Number" track from '88.
Norman Cook's remix of "The Payback mix" called "The Final Mixdown" has it at the end of the track, also from '88.
Oh yeah! And some genious guys under the name Double Dee & Steinski would first immortalized that sample in the early 80's in their "Lesson 1,2 & 3".

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