Rappers Rapp Group

Early 1980's rap group. The members included DJ Flash, King MC, MC Fosty, Lovin' C, Mr. Ice & Mack-A-Moe. They later updated their name to Dark Star for 2 releases. An "EP" on AVI Records Inc. entitled "Sexy Baby" which enjoyed a limited release overseas and a second 12" release entitled "Planet Earth" bw "Earth Rock" on LeVic Records. ( Planet Earth has become one of the rarest & most sought after West Coast Electro/Rap record of all time)
DJ Flash & King MC went on to become The Future MC's, while MC Fosty & Lovin' C collaborated together for several releases,as did DJ Flash & MC Fosty.

Singles & EPs

Rappers Rapp Group - Rappers Rapp Theme album art Rappers Rapp Group Rappers Rapp Theme (Single) Rappers Rapp Disco Co. US 1982 Sell This Version