Open Eyes (2)

Open Eyes (2)

Project grind band from Brisbane, Australia.
Influences - Korn, Blood Duster, Bolt Thrower, Suffocation.


Open Eyes (2) Discography Tracks


MRC001 Open Eyes (2) Armageddon State High (The Library Menace)(Cass, Promo) Medical Records (Aus) MRC001 Australia 1999 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

9 319505 002688 (Barcode) Open Eyes (2) Grinding Earth(CD, EP) Medical Records (Aus) 9 319505 002688 (Barcode) Australia 1999 Sell This Version


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February 16, 2009
Possibly/absolutely the most absurd/serious hard metal/grind band from Brisbane, maybe Australia. Their recordings featured some of Brisbane/Australia's most prolific metal musicians at the time, & the only live show also had an all star cast line up. There is a bootleg of the recording of the cd & the live footage floating around, a copy of which i would kill for !!!!

Their cassette demo was pretty much only circulated throughout Sydney & Melbourne, during a tour of Cliff's other band at the time, Crypt.
99.9 % of the funds raised were pissed into the venue's urinals after the Crypt gigs.

The disc was recorded in 2 days at Modern Music, with Dave Leonard at the helm, & only going in with some ideas, nothing totally ready to track. What came out was a bunch of killer songs, that, in my feeling, most people were not ultimately ready for, being proper grind/thrash with the piss being solidly taken... directly... yeah...

Their music was a perfect crossover of new school, proper thrash & Aussie grind, being heavily influenced by Heavy Devy from Strapping & Zimmer's, Misery from Brisbane, the Duster, Korn, Channel Zero, alcohol, hydro & cheap food, giving Blood Duster a real run for their money, not to mention the drummer being reviewed as "the next Skitz", therefore on par with bands like Damaged & Abramelin for speed & duck's ass-ness. DJ Boobs cites Matt Sanders, Euan Heriot & Pete Sandoval as major influences.

As I am in contact with members DJ Boobs & "The Neck" presently (late Feb 2009), there are silent whispers of a re-release of the disc tracks (hopefully with their never released version of "addicted to bass"), & possibly some more material, though Cliff is currently engaging in yet another metal project, "Bull Bolt Method".

So , I hereby announce a monolithic prayer to the gods of metal that this/these guy/s present some more for us.

But don't hold your breath, 'cause you might die. k ?