Open Eyes (2)

Project grind band from Brisbane, Australia.
Influences - Korn, Blood Duster, Bolt Thrower, Suffocation.



MRC001 Open Eyes (2) - Armageddon State High (The Library Menace) album art Open Eyes (2) Armageddon State High (The Library Menace)(Cass, Promo) Medical Records (Aus) MRC001 Australia 1999 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

9 319505 002688 (Barcode) Open Eyes (2) - Grinding Earth album art Open Eyes (2) Grinding Earth(CD, EP) Medical Records (Aus) 9 319505 002688 (Barcode) Australia 1999 Sell This Version


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February 16, 2009
Possibly/absolutely the most absurd/serious hard metal/grind band from Brisbane, maybe Australia. Their recordings featured some of Brisbane/Australia's most prolific metal musicians at the time, & the only live show also had an all star cast line up. There is a bootleg of the recording of the cd & the live footage floating around, a copy of which i would kill for !!!!

Their cassette demo was pretty much only circulated throughout Sydney & Melbourne, during a tour of Cliff's other band at the time, Crypt.
99.9 % of the funds raised were pissed into the venue's urinals after the Crypt gigs.

The disc was recorded in 2 days at Modern Music, with Dave Leonard at the helm, & only going in with some ideas, nothing totally ready to track. What came out was a bunch of killer songs, that, in my feeling, most people were not ultimately ready for, being proper grind/thrash with the piss being solidly taken... directly... yeah...

Their music was a perfect crossover of new school, proper thrash & Aussie grind, being heavily influenced by Heavy Devy from Strapping & Zimmer's, Misery from Brisbane, the Duster, Korn, Channel Zero, alcohol, hydro & cheap food, giving Blood Duster a real run for their money, not to mention the drummer being reviewed as "the next Skitz", therefore on par with bands like Damaged & Abramelin for speed & duck's ass-ness. DJ Boobs cites Matt Sanders, Euan Heriot & Pete Sandoval as major influences.

As I am in contact with members DJ Boobs & "The Neck" presently (late Feb 2009), there are silent whispers of a re-release of the disc tracks (hopefully with their never released version of "addicted to bass"), & possibly some more material, though Cliff is currently engaging in yet another metal project, "Bull Bolt Method".

So , I hereby announce a monolithic prayer to the gods of metal that this/these guy/s present some more for us.

But don't hold your breath, 'cause you might die. k ?