Thin Lizzy


Irish rock band formed in 1969 in Dublin. The band was disbanded on September 4th 1983 but reformed including various combinations of former members after the death of Phil Lynott (vocals & bass guitar) who was one of the founding members and frontman of the group. He passed away in 1986.

During the whole Lizzy existence, they had several guitar players: Eric Bell (2), Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, Gary Moore, John Sykes, Snowy White, John Cann, Andy Gee and Midge Ure.

Drummer Mark Nauseef replaced Brian Downey on a few gigs.
Keyboard players were Eric Wrixon (only first recordings of Lizzy) and Darren Wharton (from Renegade till the end).

The most famous and most known line-up was during the 1974-1978 period with Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson on lead guitar.

Currently John Sykes and Scott Gorham are touring with their own band under the name of Thin Lizzy.

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Members:Brian Downey, Brian Robertson, Damon Johnson, Darren Wharton, Dave Flett, Eric Bell (2), Eric Wrixon, Gary Moore, John Sykes, Marco Mendoza, Mark Nauseef, Michael Lee, Midge Ure, Phil Lynott, Ricky Warwick, Scott Gorham, Snowy White, Tom Hamilton (2), Vivian Campbell
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