Real Name:
James Clements
UK electronic music producer now residing in San Diego, USA.
Grew up in various parts of England, and started DJ while in school. First (demoed) productions written in 1997.
Started Covert Operations Recordings in 2000, and ran it until 2009. Currently running Auxiliary, started in 2010, Veil in 2012 and Diode in 2013.


NUCD-003 ASC - Environments album art ASC Environments(CD, Album) Nu-Directions NUCD-003 UK 2003 Sell This Version
none ASC - Open Spaces album art ASC Open Spaces (Album) Testflight Recordings none US 2004 Sell This Version
none ASC - Remixes & Collaborations LP album art ASC Remixes & Collaborations LP (Album, Comp) Covert Operations Recordings none US 2006 Sell This Version
COVCD007 ASC - The Astral Traveller album art ASC The Astral Traveller (Album) Covert Operations Recordings COVCD007 US 2009 Sell This Version
THE3004 ASC - Heights Of Perception album art ASC Heights Of Perception (Album) Thermal Recordings THE3004 US 2009
none ASC - Nothing Is Certain album art ASC Nothing Is Certain (Album) Nonplus Records none US 2010 Sell This Version
SSCD11 ASC - The Light That Burns Twice As Bright album art ASC The Light That Burns Twice As Bright (Album) Silent Season SSCD11 Canada 2011 Sell This Version
AUXCD001 ASC - Decayed Society album art ASC & Sam KDC ASC & Sam KDC - Decayed Society (Album) Auxiliary AUXCD001 UK 2012 Sell This Version
REDSEALLP001, REDSEALASCLPS ASC - Out Of Sync album art ASC Out Of Sync (Album) Samurai Red Seal REDSEALLP001, REDSEALASCLPS UK 2012 Sell This Version
SSCD14 ASC - Time Heals All album art ASC Time Heals All (Album) Silent Season SSCD14 Canada 2013 Sell This Version
SSCD15 ASC - Truth Be Told album art ASC Truth Be Told (Album) Silent Season SSCD15 Canada 2014 Sell This Version
SSCD18 ASC - Fervent Dream album art ASC Fervent Dream (Album) Silent Season SSCD18 Canada 2015 Sell This Version
SMGRSLP02 ASC - Imagine The Future album art ASC Imagine The Future (Album) Samurai Red Seal SMGRSLP02 Germany 2015 Sell This Version
AUXOST001 ASC - Near Death album art ASC Near Death (Album) Auxiliary Transmissions AUXOST001 US 2016
SSCD21 ASC - No Stars Without Darkness album art ASC No Stars Without Darkness (Album) Silent Season SSCD21 Canada 2016 Sell This Version
AUXC002 ASC - Sequenced album art ASC Sequenced (Album) Auxiliary AUXC002 UK 2017 Sell This Version
AUXCD011 ASC - Trans-Neptunian Objects album art ASC Trans-Neptunian Objects (Album) Auxiliary AUXCD011 UK & Europe 2017 Sell This Version
HOROEX18 ASC - Astral Projection album art ASC Astral Projection (Album) Horo HOROEX18 UK 2018 Sell This Version
AUXC003 ASC - Rainfall album art ASC Rainfall (Album) Auxiliary AUXC003 UK 2018 Sell This Version
AUXCD012 ASC - Trans​-​Neptunian Objects 2 album art ASC Trans​-​Neptunian Objects 2 (Album) Auxiliary AUXCD012 UK 2018 Sell This Version
AUXC005 ASC - 1138 album art ASC 1138 (MiniAlbum) Auxiliary AUXC005 UK 2019 Sell This Version
AUXLP004 ASC - Realm Of The Void album art ASC Realm Of The Void (Album) Auxiliary AUXLP004 UK 2019 Sell This Version
AUXLP003 ASC - Realm Of The Infinite album art ASC Realm Of The Infinite (Album) Auxiliary AUXLP003 UK 2019 Sell This Version
SSCD22 ASC - The Waves album art ASC The Waves (Album) Silent Season SSCD22 Canada 2019 Sell This Version
SMDELP06 ASC - Isolated Systems album art ASC Isolated Systems (Album) Samurai Music SMDELP06 UK 2020 Sell This Version

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July 6, 2020
This guy is an incredible producer. Exploring a range of styles, including intricate, breakbeat focused drum & bass, cosmic ambient drones and futuristic abstract techno. It all oozes quality and depth.

Over the past 10 years he has been astonishingly prolific, averaging 3 or more albums a year.

Highly recommended


September 13, 2019
Might be a dumb question but what does ASC stand for?


March 7, 2016
edited over 4 years ago
Definitely agree with the comments below! James Clements aka ASC, can do no wrong in my eyes. Every album he has produced since 2011 has been absolutely outstanding!! I only say from 2011 as I have no interest in the whole Drum n bass scene so I can't comment on productions prior to 2011.
His ambient releases on Silent Season are honestly some of the finest deep electronic music albums I have ever heard!!
Anyone new to this guys music should check out his double CD album - "Time Heals All" on the fine Silent Season label....utter genius!!!


June 8, 2011
This guy is rapidly becoming one of the most important names in electronic music. I'm not a massive fan of his older, more conventional drum 'n bass material, but in the last couple of years Clements has found an outlet for a much more ambient and experimental direction. Obviously the hype centres around his role in the Autonomic sound, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Melding ambient and IDM with drum 'n bass, dubstep, techno and a huge obsession with science fiction culture and philosophy, ASC is making some of the most cutting edge music around that still evokes the spaced-out futurism that has defined so much of electronic music for the past 40 years.

Check out the Sci Fi Files EPs on Covert Operations for the more utopic side or his work on new label Auxiliary for a darker vision of the future. His masterpiece, though, is the astonishing Research And Development album under the alias Intex Systems. This album came out in 2006 and yet Clements had to wait four more years for anyone outside the drum 'n bass scene to wake up and realise his talent. It may not be that much longer before we come to regard him as one of the great electronic musicians of the last 20 years.

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