Starlight (9)

Real Name:Artur Grzywacz

Starlight Synthmusic is a solo project founded by Artur Grzywacz in 1997. Artur was born in 1970 in the city of Lublin. His profession is an Electronic Technician. Daily work consists of repairing electronic equipment and Information Technology within a telecommunications firm where he is involved in various projects and sales of products to do with transmission. In addition he also programs in PHP, JavaScript and sometimes C++ and Java. Since his early years he showed tremendous music potential. As a child he was able to recognize the make of the car after listening to the engine. His love and ability for music comes from his mother, who sang and played the mandolin in a music group. It all started for Artur in the early 80's when on the radio he heard Ecamas "Magic Fly" by the group Space. He liked this track so much that he began to look for other songs with a similar atmosphere. Apart from this he also listens to classical music as well as film music and recently has been listening to organ music. Music has been a hobby since 1987. He organized and ran discotheques. Later on he became interested in compositions and when he bought his first keyboard he started to do covers from the 60's, 70's and 80's in dance, techno and rave style. In 1996 he invested in more professional equipment which allowed him to experiment with a greater palette of sounds. By acquiring a PC he was able to create and establish his own music style inspired by artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Deep Forest and Enigma. As a result of his passion and work between 1999-2006 he had enough material for his first non official album "Faraway from Earth". Presently he is working on material for his debut album "Moon Express". Samples of this are available at the following site Starlight Synthmusic under the music thread.


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