Matia Bazar


Italian Pop/Rock band formed in 1975 by founding member Piero Cassano (keyboards), Aldo Stellita (bass), Carlo Marrale (guitar, vocals), Giancarlo Golzi (drums) and Antonella Ruggiero (vocals). The band was named after Ruggiero's nickname Matia ("little crazy"). Ruggiero left the band in 1989 and Marrale in 1994. Stellita died in 1998 and Golzi in 2015. Cassano, the last original member (who had also left the band in 1981, replaced by Mauro Sabbione, keyboards, due to artistic issues, but then came back in 2000), finally left in 2017. The live band is currently led by Fabio Perversi (who joined in 1998) aided by a new group of musicians.

Current members:
Luna Dragonieri - vocals
Pier Carlo Tanzi - drums
Silvio Melloni - bass
Gino Zandonà - guitar
Fabio Perversi - keyboards, violin , Facebook , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , Imdb
Members:Aldo Stellita, Antonella Ruggiero, Carlo Marrale, Fabio Perversi, Giancarlo Golzi, Gino Zandonà, Laura Valente, Luna Dragonieri, Mauro Sabbione, Pier Carlo Tanzi, Piero Cassano, Roberta Faccani, Sergio Cossu, Silvia Mezzanotte, Silvio Melloni
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