Pandemia (3)

Czech death metal band from Cheb formed in 1995



SPC021 Pandemia (3) - Sixtimesnine / Dance In Vicious Circle album art Groinchurn, Pandemia (3) Groinchurn, Pandemia (3) - Sixtimesnine / Dance In Vicious Circle(Cass, Album) Soundless Productions SPC021 Lithuania 1998 Sell This Version
A.N. Prod. 004 Pandemia (3) - Dance In Vicious Circle / V Zajetí Zmrzačených album art Pandemia (3) / Exhumace Pandemia (3) / Exhumace - Dance In Vicious Circle / V Zajetí Zmrzačených(Cass) Anti Nazi Productions A.N. Prod. 004 Czech Republic 1998 Sell This Version
LDRF007CD Pandemia (3) - Spreading The Message album art Pandemia (3) Spreading The Message(CD, Album) Lost Disciple Records LDRF007CD US 2000 Sell This Version
Pandemia (3) - Personal Demon album art Pandemia (3) Personal Demon (Album) Extreme Zone Records US 2002 Sell This Version
Pandemia (3) - Riven album art Pandemia (3) Riven (Album) Metal Age Productions Ecuador 2005 Sell This Version
Pandemia (3) - Feet Of Anger album art Pandemia (3) Feet Of Anger (Album) War Anthem Records Germany 2009 Sell This Version
PMZ131 Pandemia (3) - At The Gates Of Nihilism album art Pandemia (3) At The Gates Of Nihilism(CD, Album) Mighty Music PMZ131 Denmark 2015 Sell This Version


none Pandemia (3) - Pandemic Mission To Latin America album art Pandemia (3) Pandemic Mission To Latin America(DVDr, DVD-V, PAL) Denie Production none Czech Republic 2007 Sell This Version


A.N. PROD. 004 Pandemia (3) - Dance In Vicious Circle album art Pandemia (3) Dance In Vicious Circle(Cass, S/Sided) Anti Nazi Productions A.N. PROD. 004 Czech Republic 1997 Sell This Version
none Pandemia (3) - The Message From Death Metal Empire album art Pandemia (3) The Message From Death Metal Empire(Cass, S/Sided, Promo) Not On Label none Czech Republic 1998 Sell This Version


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July 31, 2009
Eastern Europe has been a very prolific breeding ground for metal since the fall of the Iron Curtain, & one of the most productive metal scenes there has been that of the Czech Republic. It is from that country where hails death metal act Pandemia.

Having steadily built their name by way of several demo/promo tapes, as well as live shows, firstly in their home country, then throughout much of Eastern/Northern Europe, Pandemia eventually got the attention of underground US death metal label Lost Disciple, who issued the band's debut album 'Spreading The Message' in 1999.

This album was my first listen to the band, & having read several reviews of the album beforehand, what got my attention was the band being labelled as brutal death metal, & compared to bands such as Morbid Angel, Immolation, Incantation, Sinister, & Vader. I was therefore expecting to hear some brutal blasting death with low pitched growling vocals, if these reviews were accurate. Not to be. As has been often of late, I was let down by numerous inaccurate reviews & description of the band's sound. Pandemia is indeed fast & often blasting death metal, but certainly not of the most brutal kind, particularly where vocals are concerned, & the only bands mentioned above which they can be compared to are Vader, & to a lesser extent, early Morbid Angel.

When I got past the difference in the band's sound to what I'd expected, there was certainly no disappointment from the what the band delivers with their particular brand of death metal, which is blasting old school death metal which sounds strongly influenced by Vader. What is particularly distinct here is the vocals, which rather than following the common low-pitched growling approach conventional of today's death metal, are more mid to high pitched growls & screams, comparable to Vader's 'Necrolust' demo, Mike Browning era Morbid Angel, Angel Corpse, or even early Kreator with Mille Petrozza on vocals. Vocalist Michael is no second rate copy though, his vocal delivery is strong & convincing enough to stand on its own.

Musically, the band sounds distinctly Eastern European in that they follow the footsteps of early Vader, whom sound obvious as their main inspiration. The guitars are not tuned down, & instead crunch like the death metal days of old, complementing the mid to high growls & screams vey well. There is an abundance of very fast or blasting tempos here, which serve well to present the band as one being extreme enough to stand amongst today's crowd of extreme death metal bands, despite Pandemia being more old school death metal. Although much of the tempos are fast or blasting, the band are wise enough to vary the tempos, & often execute slower to mid-paced heavy sections as well, offering just enough variation with their old school death metal so as not to sound like another death band stuck at blast speed. Pandemia also employ a minimal amount of riffs with melody of the 'evil' kind, that blend well with the rest of the music.

Another comparison cited earlier was Morbid Angel. This is most evident in there being no less than three intros throughout the album, as well as an outro, all of which are of an atmospheric or instrumental nature, much like those found on most of Morbid Angel's studio albums. To their credit though, Pandemia have composed & recorded these in a way so that they sound very convincing, & not second rate Morbid Angel imitations. Just listen to the second such intro, track 5, which is simply listed as 'Intro' - as are all such intros on the album - which towards its end includes a compelling sounding human cry of anguish among the instrumental elements

I have to say that the similarity to Vader is too strong at times, which doesn't help the band as far as distinguishing themselves from the death metal pack. Nonetheless, the band does compensate for this with high level songwriting & musical skills, which is quite standard for Eastern European metal. Every riff & song sounds strong, memorable, convincing, & above average for current day death metal. I couldn't find a single moment anywhere on the album which was filler or second rate, the whole album is memorable death metal which can stand the test of time. Futhermore, I couldn't single out any songs that stand out, such is the consistency of strong songwriting with this album.

The production also is very competent, & effective. It sounds ideal for this style of death metal, in that it sounds professional, but not over-produced, & therefore retaining an underground sound. The production achieves good tones across all intruments, & a fairly balanced mix, with everything being clearly audible, except for the bass guitar, a trait that disappointingly is still very common with death metal recordings today.

As a whole, the only thing I can fault this album for is the lack of the band's own sound, what with them sounding very similar to early Vader. Nonetheless, there are some seldom signs of Pandemia slowly moving toward introducing original elements into the mix, such as riffs employing guitar chords that sound like being played higher on the fretboard than is conventional for death metal. Add to this the uncommon vocal style relative to today's death metal, a distinctly Eastern European death metal sound, & above average songwriting, & Pandemia possess just enough to stand out as one of the better bands from the death metal crowd, & certainly have the potential to improve further with time. A death metal band to watch out for.

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