UK production duo hailing from Birkenhead and Neston, Merseyside in England.

Bassheads originally came to prominence in 1991 with the release of "Is There Anybody Out There?" Sampling Africa Bambatta's "Just Get up And Dance" Vocal for this Top 5 UK single release.

Subsequent singles "Back To The Old School" (UK chart position, Number 12) and "Who Can Make You Feel Good" (UK chart position, Number 38) refused to compromise on their pulsating house/sample work. However, by the time of their debut Album (C.O.D.E.S) in 1993, the Bassheads had begun to embrace the ambient house movement spearheaded by the Orb and Aphex Twin. At the core of the album was a 24-minute track, "C.O.D.E.", which owed a debt to Brian Eno and Talking Heads, Pink Floyd & Massive Attack.

Nick Murphy contiues to produce and perform music and is currently remixing / remastering 'Is there anybody out there"bassheads biggest hit from 1991 from the original master tapes disc etc.

Desa Basshead went on to record a duet for EMI records with Garry Christian (The Christians) an up-dated version of the George Harrison classic "My Sweet Lord" released nationwide on 4th February 2008.