Billy Joel fuufuu

January 3, 2018
Note to Tabloid Weasel and the other guy: I'm not trolling when I say that Billy Joel is an overrated sack of garbage. Crooning with false depth and silly, cheap attitude, Billy Joel is the excrement residue left behind from real song writers like Carol King and Bob Dylan. Also, I'm pretty sure he hasn't even played piano live or even on his own recordings for years. Forget that noise.

Billy Joel TabloidWeasel

November 26, 2016
edited 8 months ago
Mr. somewhereindetroit down below is the first person I came across who called Billy Joel "boring", which I find very interesting. If you don't understand the beauty of "Piano Man", "She's Always A Woman", and "Just The Way You Are" or the groove of "Big Shot", "Angry Young Man" and "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me", you must have broken ears.

Billy Joel as reviewed by solarbloom

April 17, 2013
I'm from punkland and noiseville myself, and have been for 25 years or so, but I still recognize that Billy Joel has a huge catalog of vital, stirring, and yes -- dare I say it -- historically significant material. Way too many fantastic tracks to even begin mentioning them all.... Stuff I can't stand? Of course, there's plenty, but that doesn't detract from the dozens of perfect and unique pop songs that I still choose to listen to on occasion -- the great lyrics are key to the whole equation, of course, as well -- that should go without saying :)

Still listen to "Movin' Out" every time I do so lol

Billy Joel as reviewed by somewhereindetroit

August 25, 2009
Billy Joel is quite simply one of the most boring, overrated, overplayed musical performers of the last 100 years. Despite being a tremendously successful singer songwriter in commercial terms, the music of Billy Joel needs to be left in the past and man kind must start walking away from music such as Bill Joel that deserves to be buried in the sands of time. The most tolerable Billy Joel is the early Billy Joel, and the less singing and more commercial, the better.

Billy Joel REENO

August 10, 2017
You need to disappear dude. Your opinion is completely baseless and over the top...Until YOU can write songs and play piano as well as Billy has for so long, we don't care what you think.

Billy Joel Darious

July 31, 2015
As long as your voice is still strong and your music is well produced and creative

Billy Joel Darious

July 31, 2015
Excuse you but house and many,many techno tracks are quite BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRIIIIIIING

Billy Joel 98ultraclassic

June 22, 2014
Top rated album seller. His music spans genrations and still popular. Try to be a little more open minded

Billy Joel redclyde

October 5, 2011
I have to agree mungler, not a Billy Joel fan but that review is silly.
Who on earth can decide what music belongs in the past and i'm often amused at how many folk say that about various dance genres.
That's plainly as silly as Writing off Billy Joel.
There are few singer songwriters who remain commercialy successful unless they have talent with a solid fan base.
Mr Joel is still here decades on filling out stadiums along with Elton,Springsteen,Dylan,Paul Simon.....
"Proof is in the pudding" as they say.

Billy Joel mungler

November 9, 2009
Really? For someone who writes the 'RARE HOUSE & TECHNO MUSIC BLOG' i'm *so surprised* you don't like Billy Joel.

I mean, why did you even bother writing that? You don't like him, fine, we get it. Plenty others do.