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Bernd Augustinski
Hard Trance/Acid Trance style producer from Cologne, Germany.

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March 15, 2014
the king of dark harmoniousness with multiple tracks like baby/brainchild/monastery and beyond hitting the soundwaves of mark eg/m zone xray and sci etc over the mid 90's pure undergroundness from the timeunlimited stable right up to the latter part of the century technodrome trance sounds

legendary hardtrance from another one of the germanic sound overlords,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


November 10, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Nostrum was one of my first favourite artists. I´ve always been deeply moved by his outstanding strings and acid baselines. His music poures with energy and depth. It´s hard to explain in words. It can only be explained by listening to his tracks...


June 4, 2004
With the Time Unlimited label since its inception in the late 1980's, Nostrum began his production career with smooth ambient and break-beat until developing his own individual style.

His music was to be classified as melodic hard trance with a deeply emotional relationship to his acid machine, the Roland TB303, which he uses in virtually all his productions. The End, Brainchild and Baby are some of his most popular releases.

He always manages to hit the nail on the head and to match the present "Zeitgeist" with his productions. Therefore it isn't surprising that his music is found on countless compilations (eg. "Techno Trax", "Trance Nation", "D-Trance", etc....).

If you are into trance and you don't know Nostrum by now, do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to one of the most highly acclaimed trance producers in the world. If you do know Nostrum, don't miss this rare opportunity to catch a master at work! You will not be disappointed.

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