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DJ Halo and Chase 1 formed The Criminal Minds in 1985, with Halo meeting Iceski through college, and who became lead MC. Having then met DJ Spatts, their first self-release was the mini-LP "Guilty As Charged" in 1990. Shortly after, Safe D and CMD joined and the "Tales From The Wasteland" EP followed. Due to difficulties that would present with sample clearance, both of these were available in limited numbers only.
An important connection was made through the local record shop World Beats in DJ Picci, who influenced their subsequent direction towards rave/breakbeat. After featuring on a Picci produced release, TCM would drop the hardcore classic "Baptised By Dub", followed by a solid output of hardcore-jungle releases throughout 1993 and 1994.
Criminal Minds members would go on to work on other projects in the years that followed, with many tracks remaining unreleased. In recent years, TCM re-grouped to release the LP "Widowmaker" in 2001.

Aliases:32 Troop
Members:Anthony Jones (7), Ian Allen (8), Justin Swain, Safe D, W. Swain, Zak H Laycock
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