Neighborhood Watch (2)

Hardcore Punk band from Venice / West Los Angeles, USA. Formed in 1982, Neighborhood Watch was part of the Westside/Venice punk scene of the early eighties. Founded by drummer Dave Hutchinson and bassist John Flitcraft. Dave and John got Chris "Howly Bra" Howell to sing, then Mark Conway was auditioned at Amery Smith's garage to play guitar. The band quickly formed a following playing hardcore punk, while becoming a fixture in Hollywood at the Cathay de Grande and other notable venues. Their popularity ballooned, and their reputation for slam dance craziness is legendary.

In 1983, Neighborhood Watch released an eight song EP on the Indie label, Deeter Deets Records. This EP was produced by Jon Nelson, who has played in such bands as Suicidal Tendencies and Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was recorded at Mystic Studios in Hollywood. The EP also featured the brilliant artwork of artist Ric Clayton (RxCx), who designed the band's logo.

In a short time, Neighborhood Watch gained fans and was headlining shows by 1984. In spite of this, as quickly as they came on the scene, they disbanded due to musical differences.

In 1992, Neighborhood Watch played a much-acclaimed reunion show at the Anti Club. However, it wasn't until 2007 that they resurfaced with new bass player Brian Fortenberry, and began to write new material and play shows.Recently a second guitarist, Jake Puke was added to the lineup. With the resurgence of the hardcore punk scene, Neighborhood Watch finds themselves playing to a new generation of exuberant punk kids and old schoolers alike, who desire the sound and attitude of early 80's slam pit action. Reflecting on their early influences such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Bad Brains, Discharge, GBH, and DOA. Neighborhood Watch is committed to keeping the hardcore punk scene alive and full of in-your-face attitude! On January 12th, 2019, Neighborhood Watch played it's final show with original front man Chris "Howly Bra" Howell, and original founding drummer Dave Hutchinson. Neighborhood Watch has reformed, and now consists of original guitarist Mark Conway, bassist Brian Fortenberry, Bob Zertuche on drums, and vocalist Josh Mee.


Singles & EPs

DD-1 Neighborhood Watch (2) - Neighborhood Watch album art Neighborhood Watch (2) Neighborhood Watch (EP, MiniAlbum) Deeder Deets DD-1 US 1983 Sell This Version


V13PNX #16 Neighborhood Watch (2) - Neighborhood Watch album art Neighborhood Watch (2) Neighborhood Watch(LP, Comp) V13PNX #16 US 2013 Sell This Version