Orchestra Simba Wanyika


Kenya-based group formed in 1971 by the Tanzanian brothers Wilson Peter Kinyonga and George Peter Kinyonga. Both brothers had previously founded and led Arusha Jazz but adopted the new group name when they moved to Kenya in late 1971. They continued to use the Arusha Jazz name (particularly as A.J.B.) alongside Simba Wanyika until 1973.
In 1978 Professor Omari Shabani left the group with several other members to form Orchestre Les Wanyika.
In 1980 the group sufferred another split, when brother (and founder member) George Peter Kinyonga left (with nearly all the other members) to form Orchestre Jobiso. This split was short-lived and George Peter Kinyonga had rejoined Simba Wanyika by the end of the year.
They often used the name Simba Wanyika Original during this period to try to avoid confusion with other groups with similar names.
The group continued to record and tour until the mid 1990s (by when both of the Kinyonga brothers had died).

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Members:Abbu Omar, Elia John, George Peter Kinyonga, John Olwenyo, Joseph Just (2), Michael Mwita, Mike Beche, Professor Omari Shabani, Rashid Juma, Tom Malanga, William Peter Kinyonga, Wilson Peter Kinyonga, Zolo Saidi


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