John N. Sellekaers


Born on December 19, 1973.
Nationality: Belgian and Canadian (Québec)
Creator of the studio Metarc, specialised in sound production and mastering.
Involved in the electronic music groups Xingu Hill, Dead Hollywood Stars, Ambre, Ammo, Urawa, Moonsanto, Uncotones …
Web journalist & photographer.
Moved back to Montreal (Canada) in June 2004 after having lived in Brussels for 30 years and came back to live in Belgium in 2010. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , Soundcloud , X
Aliases:Concrete Garden (2), Feral Cities, Jonah Hex, Meeple, Metarc, Nicolas Hall (2), Night Sky Pulse, Tuttle & Buttle, Xingu Hill
In Groups:Ambre, Ammo, Collapse (5), Das Gift, Dead Hollywood Stars, Internal, Logatomistes, Moonsanto, Myrza, The Missing Ensemble, Torsion, Uncotones, Urawa, xhm²
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