Brainstorm (9)


Brainstorm originated from Baden-Baden (in South West Germany), as the eccentric Mothers Of Invention inspired combo with the unlikely name Fashion Prick (earlier Fashion Pink). Later, wisely changing name and becoming Brainstorm, they still attempted to shock with their debut album Smile A While, which caused a scandal due to its outrageous cover. The music on both Brainstorm albums was a highly inventive blend of songs and instrumentals, with a touch of Zappa, and Canterbury inspired certainly, akin to Caravan, Hatfield & The North, Soft Machine, etc., but also with a style all of their own. Highlighted by quality musicianship, notably a dizzying array of winds and keyboards, with complexly arranged instrumentals and, like the Dutch band Supersister, a penchant for eccentric tongue-in-cheek humour. Brainstorm lived up to their name, and both albums are classics of the genre. Roland Schaeffer later became a bastion of Guru Guru and Jo Koinzer has fronted numerous fusion bands since.
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Members:Eddy von Overheidt, Enno Dernov, Horst Mittmann, Joe Koinzer, Rainer Bodensohn, Roland Schaeffer




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