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Laughing Hyenas were an American alternative rock band based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, that existed from 1985 to 1995. The band was formed by vocalist John Brannon (ex-Negative Approach), guitarist Larissa Stolarchuk (ex-L-Seven), bassist Kevin Monroe, and drummer Mike Danner. Danner would quickly be replaced by Jim Kimball. Both Stolarchuk and Monroe, who were new to their respective instruments when the band formed, would adopt the surname "Strickland" during their time in the band. This line-up remained intact through the band's first 5 years, recording 3 LPs. Monroe and Kimball the departed to form the band Mule while Brannon and Stolarchuk added bassist Kevin Reis and drummer Todd Swalla (ex-Necros (2)). This line-up released the 1992 EP "Crawl". Ron Sakowski (ex-Necros (2)) would replace Reis on the band's final LP, 1995 "Hard Times". Brannon would would go on to form Easy Action (2) and later re-launch Negative Approach (with both groups featuring contributions from Ron Sakowski). Larissa Stolarchuk passed away in October of 2006.

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Members:Jim Kimball, John Brannon, Kevin Munro, Kevin Reis, Larissa Stolarchuk, Mike Danner, Ron Sakowski, Todd Swalla
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