British synthpop duo of Annie Lennox (b. December 25, 1954, Aberdeen, UK) and David A. Stewart (b. September 9, 1952, Sunderland, UK). They first recorded together as members of new wave band The Catch (2) who would change their name to The Tourists and enjoy two UK top ten hits in early 1980, but disband before the year was out. In 1981, Lennox and Stewart made their debut as Eurythmics, though they struggled to gain recognition at first, only breaking through with their sixth single Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). This was the turning point of their career. They continued to be one of the leading synth pop groups throughout the eighties. After a long period of solo activities in the early and mid-90s Eurythmics re-united for one album and charity world tour in 1999 and in 2004 for the release of extended, remastered and repacked editions of their previous albums and a second hits compilation. Eurythmics released one song (the B-side of Put A Little Love In Your Heart by Annie Lennox & Al Green) under the alias The Spheres Of Celestial Influence, a name considered before naming themselves Eurythmics. They chose that name referring to the Dalcroze eurhythmics pedagogical exercise system that Lennox had encountered as a child, aka the Dalcroze method.

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Aliases:The Spheres Of Celestial Influence
Members:Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart, Dean Garcia, Olle Romo, Roger Pomphrey
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