DJ Dano

Real Name:Daniël Leeflang

Legendary Dutch Gabber/Hardcore/Techno DJ & producer, born on the 29th of January 1970 in Amsterdam.

Daniel Leeflang has been DJing from circa 1989, he was a regular DJ @ FRD's clubs Planet E and Subtopia, Transit and Amnesia, Manic Monday with Jeroen Flamman (FRD) @ Mazzo and Multigroove and on the first Hellraiser parties.

Used to have a radioshow named Acid Explosion (later) Grooveyard on Amsterdam based radio pirate Radio 100 from the late 80s til mid 90s inviting local and international guests.

In the Multigroove he, The Prophet, and Fred Berkhout also got the idea for Mokum Records.

He says he made hardcore-like tracks, even when the name hardcore wasn't invented yet.

He is seen as a cult-artist, because of his cross-overs and trips with people like Fear Factory and Herman Brood.

Together with Gizmo, Buzz Fuzz and The Prophet he was part of The Dreamteam and started producing on the Dreamteam Productions label of ID&T.

Nowadays Dano plays & produces techno besides a job in construction.
Aliases:A Freak Statistic, Daniël Leeflang, DJ Update, Johnny Terlenka, Marshmellow Alien, Mushroom Reality, Onad, Shockproof, Stoophoor, They Live Long, Unkle Frank, X-Mess
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