Real Name:Andy LaPlegua

Combichrist was formed as a side project of Icon of Coil frontman Andy LaPlegua. Intended as an outlet for more aggressive material, Combichrist became Andy's full-time focus after the disbanding of Icon of Coil in 2006. Combichrist has since gone on to become one of the more popular underground dark electro acts.

Starting with their 2003 debut, The Joy of Gunz, Combichrist has earned a passionate following. In 2006, the band incorporated live drums and keyboards. After the release of Scarred, guitar was added. The band has played as a solo act, a duo, a trio, a four-, five-, and six-piece band, and even with a full orchestra backing them. 2012's 'Evolution' tour charted this by having band members join and exit the stage as necessary to replicate various moments in the band's history.

Over the years, Combichrist has shifted from a solely electronic act to an industrial band fusing aggrotech and hard rock/metal. Starting with 2013's No Redemption (written for DmC: Devil May Cry), Combichrist began incorporating guitar and live drums in their studio albums. No Redemption showed the group experimenting with more traditional metal elements. 2014's follow-up, We Love You, blended electronica and metal, while 2016's This Is Where Death Begins moved more towards industrial.

Combichrist currently consists of Andy LaPlegua (lead vocals), Eric 13 (guitar), Jamie Cronander (guitar), Dane White (drums), and Elliott Berlin (DJ).

Sites:MySpace , Facebook , X , YouTube , Bandcamp
Members:Björn Petersen, Brent Ashley, Chris Reeve (2), Dane White, Elliott Berlin, Eric Sanchez (4), Filip Abbey, Gregory Steward, Joe Letz, Jon Horton, Kourtney Klein, Nick Rossi (3), Ole Anders Olsen, Oumi Kapila, Shaun Frandsen, Trevor Friedrich, Will Spod



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