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Korekyojinn is a progressive jazz rock polyrhythmic ensemble, founded in 1998 by drummer Tatsuya Yoshida. They released albums on Tzadik and Magaibutsu. The band's name is translated as This Giant (as a pun to This Heat and Gentle Giant, two main influences of the band).

Natsuki Kido – guitar
Mitsuru Nasuno – bass
Tatsuya Yoshida – drums, compositions



TZ 7223 Korekyojinn - Korekyojin album art Korekyojin* Korekyojin (Album) Tzadik TZ 7223 US 1999 Sell This Version
MGC-23 Korekyojinn - Arabesque album art Korekyojinn Arabesque (Album) Magaibutsu MGC-23 Japan 2004 Sell This Version
TZ 7257 Korekyojinn - Isotope album art Korekyojinn Isotope(CD, Album) Tzadik TZ 7257 US 2005 Sell This Version
MGC-29 Korekyojinn - Jackson album art Korekyojinn Jackson (Album) Magaibutsu MGC-29 Japan 2006 Sell This Version
MGCDV-02 Korekyojinn - Swan Dive album art Korekyojinn Swan Dive(DVD-V, NTSC, All + CD + Album) Magaibutsu MGCDV-02 Japan 2009 Sell This Version
MGC-41 Korekyojinn - Doldrums album art Korekyojinn With Tsuboy Akihisa* Korekyojinn With Tsuboy Akihisa* - Doldrums (Album) Magaibutsu MGC-41 Japan 2011 Sell This Version
GR102CD Korekyojinn - Tundra album art Korekyojinn Tundra (Album) Magaibutsu GR102CD US 2011 Sell This Version
MGC-47 Korekyojinn - Fall Line album art Korekyojinn Fall Line(CD, Album) Magaibutsu, Magaibutsu Limited MGC-47 Japan 2015 Sell This Version
MGC-53 Korekyojinn - Kaleidoscope  album art Korekyojinn Acoustic* Kaleidoscope (Album) Magaibutsu MGC-53 Japan 2017 Sell This Version