Johan Gielen

Real Name:Johan Willy Maria Gielen

Johan Gielen was born in Belgium (1968-02-23). At the age of 12 he left his native country for the Netherlands.
He started DJ'ing at the age of 17 for some parties close to where he lived in his homecountry Belgium, and has during the latest 15 years build up an international fame spinning as a DJ in Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, England, Northern Ireland and Israel.

In 1995 he started to produce with Sven Maes, one of his friends. Johan and Sven were behind European smash hits from Airscape, Balearic Bill and Abnea. Furthermore they are well known for their remixing skills which can be heard on productions on releases by Chicane, Delerium, Vengaboys, Tiesto, Scooter, Boy George a.o. They have also produced a few more commercial dance hits, like the single "The Lonely One" for Alice Deejay for example.
In 2005, Johan and Sven parted ways. , MySpace , X , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , Soundcloud , , Beatport
Aliases:DJ Don, Don Joan, Kris De Jager
In Groups:A Special Person, Abnea, Adventure Boys, Airscape, Allegro, Balearic Bill, Blue Bamboo, Boccaccio Life, Body Heat, Bombario, Buzzerr, Da Phat Smokers, DJ Don & Svenson, DJ Nation, J'N'J, Leader Of The Nation, Lexicon 4, Matanka, Mighty Clubb Cats, Mr. Vinx
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