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July 25, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
For those who don't seem to know (Discogs that means you) Kane INVENTED the "sound" of Trip hop not the term Trip Hop but definitely the sound of Trip hop just because Mixmag coined the term years later in 94 after hearing a record like Dummy doesnt mean Trip hop started then its just the term started then NOT the genre.
Here on Discogs Candy Flip, Madonna is considered Trip Hop yet for reasons beyond me not Depth Charge in fact there are 1000's of releases prior to 94 that are labelled Trip Hop on Discogs but Depth Charge isn't allowed to be.
Kane and most of his Depth Charge stuff is trip hop (even though I'm sure he hates the term) therefore Bounty Killers would be the start of trip hop as it is known now.
But hey whatever Co-imperial by Wood Allen is a Hardnoise release according to Discogs what a joke this place has become.


November 4, 2014
Remember heating depth charge tune played in 1990 on London station chaos fm. Alongside "chime" and " sunshine on rainy day" amongst others early classics.


April 6, 2014
edited over 5 years ago
You have to give it to this guy, with a discography stretching from 1989 to 2008 J.Saul Kane has been creating break beat music with absolutly NO regard for trend or hype at all like nobody else. He is to the break beat what the Ford Model T is to cars. It's as if he exists in a sphere where past hip hop reverberate and clash with obscure film soundtracks, then bounce forwards & back from the future. Past, present and future all meet in a way that all good art should. I would be interested to know what he has been working on recently because having been prolific since 89 there is no way I can imagine he is not making music currently. Watch this space...

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