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The Frost was a psychedelic rock band from Alpena, Michigan, formed in the late 1960s from the remains of The Bossmen. The band consisted of Gordy Garris (bass guitar), Bob Rigg (drums), Don Hartman (guitar) and led by singer/guitarist Dick Wagner. The band's first large-scale performance came at Meadow Brook Theatre, Rochester Hills, MI, in front of 10,000 people. The MC5 and Stooges also performed.

Record companies heavily pursued the band for a record deal as they noticed their growing popularity. The Frost were one of the top Detroit-area bands of the era; however, poor album cover artwork, distribution, and promotion hampered the band's success.

There were several Frost reunion concerts, especially while Wagner still lived and performed in Michigan. The reunions included Wagner, Hartman, and Rigg.

Aliases:Dick Wagner & the Frosts, The Bossmen
Members:Bob Rigg, Dick Wagner, Don Hartman, Gordy Garris
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