Land Of Kush

Land Of Kush

Land Of Kush is a large orchestra assembled and directed by Montreal composer and musician Sam Shalabi.

Gordon Allen: trumpet
Thierry Amar: acoustic bass
Steven Balogh: electric bass
Michel Bonneau: congas, percussion
Nicholas Caloia: cello
Howard Chackowicz: drums
Pat Conan: drums
Marie Davidson: voice
Xarah Dion: electronics, keyboards
Will Eizlini: percussion
Eric Fillion: drums
Rebecca Foon: cello
Dave Gossage: flutes
Jason Grimmer: voice, lyrics
Gen Heistek: viola
Norsola Johnson cello
Philippe Lauzier: alto saxophone
Elizabeth Lima: clarinet, voice
Radwan Moumneh: voice, lyrics
Anthony Seck: lap steel guitar
Jason Sharp: baritone sax
Gavin Sheehan: electric guitar
Josh Stevenson: electronics, E.M.S synth
Molly Sweeney: voice and lyrics
Nathan Ward: rocks, objects, percussion
Yahya Zitan: darbouka
Josh Zubot: violin
Osama Shalabi: oud


Land Of Kush Discography


Land Of Kush Against The Day (Album) Constellation Canada 2009 Sell This Version
Land Of Kush, The Egyptian Light Orchestra Land Of Kush, The Egyptian Light Orchestra - Monogamy (Album) Constellation Canada 2010 Sell This Version
Land Of Kush The Big Mango Constellation Canada 2013 Sell This Version

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