Vamos A Morir

Trio formed in Madrid in 1986-87 by Nacho Colis (drums and vocals), Javier Colis (guitars and vocals) and Julio Jara (2) (voice and text), before the first two formed Demonios Tus Ojoswith Javier Corcobado and Javier Almendral .

Won the First Prize in the competition models of the magazine Rock de Lux. It is this a key year in the life of the group, supported by this award would make a lot of concerts around the country. By then Ajo, the singer today exercised Mil Dolores Pequeños impromptu band manager, whose most notable achievement would be managing a tour going to die for Germany without even recorded their first album.

In early 1990 Jaime Munárriz and Javier Piñango contact with them face to record in the newly created label Triquinoise, editing in September of that same year the first album would be going to die. A disk with the same name of the group, recorded almost entirely live in the studio after playing the basic and resounding performances sound, "supported" musically only by strong and outstanding rhythm percussion Nacho Colis and the rich fabric electric guitar Javier Colis; between the lyricism exacerbated voice and texts of Julio Jara (2). Poetry, blues, jazz and punk, combined together in a unique and emparentable hardly anything or anyone, were always the main ingredient of the music will die.

During 1991 the group presents this first album live across the country while at the same time to germinate so that a year later would Mil Dolores Pequeños. By then Javier Colis and Ajo and began to create much of the repertoire in 1992, and with Javier Piñango, would form the first album Mil Dolores Pequeños: Mil Dolores Pequeños - Lady Lazarus. 'Hermit crab' was included in the compilation Various - Rocke'N'Babia (En Directo 1991) (Triton Rock, 1991).

Before, in early 1992, we will die recorded their second and final album: Vamos A Morir - Vamos A Morir, containing no less than 18 songs in your CD version, thus putting an end to his career. The album would see the light in the newly created label Por Caridad Producciones, emerged after a split in Triquinoise.

Shortly after publication of the album, the group definitively separated leaving behind two absolutely unique disks and the memory of a number of memorable concerts



TQ-002-LP Vamos A Morir - Vamos A Morir album art Vamos A Morir Vamos A Morir(LP) Triquinoise TQ-002-LP Spain 1990 Sell This Version
Vamos A Morir - Vamos A Morir album art Vamos A Morir Vamos A Morir Por Caridad Producciones Spain 1992 Sell This Version