José Maria Lucchesi

Lucchesi was born on 29.3.1897 in Sorocaba (Brasil) [1,2] and played mainly accordion, but also piano, harmonica and guitar [3]. He recorded his Tangos mainly in Europe, especially in Germany, France and Spain, sometimes under a pseudonym Leal Pescador (“the loyal fisherman” because fishing was one of his favourite pastimes) or Jose Maria de Lucchesi. In 1942 he was naturalized in France. The name of his orchestra was “Orchestre sud-américain José M. Lucchesi“. With this Orchestra he mainly recorded Tangos, Valses and Paso Dobles in a very broad spectrum.

Lucchesi moved to France in the 20ies for the Tangomania (just like other south American artists) and started to perform and record. In Paris he met Gardel and dedicated one of his Tangos “Gaby Morlay” to the French actress whom Gardel had an emotional affair. Later he provided the music for one of her films “Acusée” (by Maurice Torneur, 1930).

Very interesting for Milongas are the early Tangos from the 20ies and 30ies, which are very Argentinean flavoured. Later, his style was more adapted to European audiences. Interestingly, he started (like Canaros musicians) to wear “Gaucho” uniforms during his performances.

Jose Maria Lucchesi died in Paris on the 10.2.1989.
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