Rough Trade

Canadian band with main members Carole Pope and Kevan Staples, who had first performed together in a group called "O" in 1968. By 1973 they had evolved into "Rough Trade" , and they became a popular live act in Toronto featuring raw sexuality and with Pope often performing in bondage attire. Their 1976 studio album "Rough Trade Live!" was the first album by a rock band recorded 'direct to disc', recorded from the studio directly onto the master disc. Peaking at #12 on the Canadian RPM singles chart, controversy helped propel the single "High School Confidential" with its raunchy lesbian theme. By 1983 their chart success had declined, and the band broke up in 1988.
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March 12, 2018
Anyone in search of the song "High School Confidential" on CD should check the running time of the song first on whatever disc they're thinking of buying: Make sure you're buying a copy that has the full original running time of around 3:22-3:25 and NOT one that runs about 10 seconds shorter than that.

Back in '85 this best-of comp came out and contained a bastardized version of the song which not only sounded like crap...but also had the last 10 seconds cut out! They instead replaced it with some really bad repeat-echo fade effect just as Carole says the last "Confidential" so it repeats and fades "ConfiDential..dential...tial...tial...tial........." instead of the real ending. Really dumb. I originally thought it might have been because the end of the master tape got damaged...but then later on (thankfully) the full intact original version surfaced on a few CD's. Unfortunately though so did the bad version.

The best copies to get are on these discs:

-The '95 remaster of the original album
-This UK best-of comp (which came out the same year as the Canadian 1985 best-of that had the bad version on the English could get it done right but the Canadians couldn't with their own country's material?! Ok then...)
-this random German CD single from 1988 (Shares the same artwork as the bad 1985 Canadian best-of, but this release seems to contain the right version).

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