Eva Kostolányiová

Real Name:Eva Vermešová, née Kostolányiová

Slovak vocalist, dancer and musical actress. Born November 2nd, 1942 in Trnava, died October 3rd, 1975 in Bratislava (Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia).
She came from very modest proportions. Both father and mother worked in a Trnava sugar refinery. She had seven siblings, many died very young.

After completing her elementary school, she worked in a local meat-farm. In 1958, along with her older brother Ivan, she became a dancer in SĽUK. In addition to her work, she attended hours of singing at I. Godin.

With her husband, dancer John Kostolányi met at AUS JN. They married in 1965, after divorce after seven years of marriage, but she kept his surname. Her second partner, fiancée Andrej Šebo, was a musician, a trombone player and leader of her band Hej.

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