The Mad Conductor

Real Name:
Mad Conductor
The Mad Conductor is a hip-hop band that originated as a studio project on St. Patrick’s Day, 2005 between MC Devlin, front man of the recently defunct punk band, No Cash, and studio engineer/musician Dan McKinney. Dan operated his own recording studio, and had played keys with garage rock staples The Original Sins (1987–1997), and The Band alumnus Jim Weider (1999–2006).

In the winter of 2008, in the wake of nonstop touring and time in the studio, front man MC Devlin found himself needing a change of pace, and scenery. In order to find steady work and a warm climate in which to write a new record he relocated to the city of New Orleans to help rebuild the flood and hurricane ravaged communities.

In his time there he quickly met a network of talented musicians and began working on several projects including a live-band backed series of emcee battles and a new batch of southern-funk tinged Mad Conductor songs. He returned to Pennsylvania in the winter of 2008 to record the new songs with Dan McKinney and The Band alumnus Randy Ciarlante on drums.


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