Real Estate (2)


American indie rock band from Ridgewood, New Jersey founded in 2008 by Alex Bleeker, Martin Courtney, Matthew Mondanile and Etienne Pierre Duguay. Jackson Pollis replaced Duguay on drums and Jonah Maurer joined the band on keyboards and guitar in 2011. In August 2020 Real Estate announced that Jackson Pollis was taking time out from the band and Sammi Niss replacing him as the band's live drummer. , Facebook , X , Instagram , MySpace , , Songkick , , Wikipedia , Soundcloud , Bandcamp , YouTube
Members:Alex Bleeker, Etienne Pierre Duguay, Jackson Pollis, Jonah Maurer, Julian Lynch, Martin Courtney, Matthew Kallman, Matthew Mondanile, Sammi Niss




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