Norwegian new wave band with strong folk rock influences founded under the name Remmer & Tøy in the fall of 1977 and dissolved in 1982.

Veslefrikk was signed to Oslo label Plateselskapet Mai in the late 1970s for engaging young people in Norway, with lively rock rhythms and lyrics that described the situation of the youth.

Veslefrikk got an early reputation for being an energetic and popular live band, and was a leading band in Norwegian rock in the years they existed. They played at the Kalvøya and Roskilde festivals in 1979 and were warm up bands for both Tom Robinson Band and Sham 69 when they played at Chateau Neuf in Oslo. They also performed at the Hamar Festival in 1981. Preus, Vestaby, Rimestad, Olsen and Børresen were the core of Veslefrikk, and other musicians came and went. In particular, there was a frequent replacement of guitarists in the years the band was active.