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Code was formed by Aort and Kvohst in 2002, featuring members from England (Aort, Kvohst, Vyttra) and Norway (Viper, AiwarikiaR). In an interview, Kvohst said, "We are very proud of our mixed heritage and I think that this only helps to breed creativity and fulfilment."

The lyrics (of "Nouveau Gloaming") deal with "paranoia, illness, personal weakness, old English tales of hauntings and premontitions, death, and childhood."

Current line-up:
Aort - guitars (2002-)
Andras - guitars (2008-)
Lordt - drums (2010-)

Live members:
Alsvid - Drums (2008-)

Past members:
AiwarikiaR - drums (2002-2006)
Kvohst - vocals (2002-2006, 2008-2011)
Vyttra - guitar (2002-2006)
Viper (Yusaf Parvez) - bass, backing vocals (2002-2010)
Adrian Erlandsson - session drums on "Resplendent Grotesque"

Announced members (not actually part of the band):
Simen Hestnæs (ICS Vortex) - vocals (2007-2008)
Asgeir Mickelson - drums (2007)

Live line-up @ the "Festung Open Air" in Bitterfeld, Germany on the 10th/11th May 2008:
Heimoth - guitar
Dan Mullins - drums
Ilia Rodriguez - bass
Aort - guitar
Kvohst - vocals

On December 13, 2007 @ the Underworld in London, Code played "Nouveau Gloaming" in its entirety. , MySpace , Facebook
Aliases:Seasonal Code
Members:Alsvid (2), Andras (6), Andrew McIvor, Erik Olivier Lancelot, James Smith (34), Mathew McNerney, Syhr, Vyttra, Wacian, Yusaf Parvez
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