Real Name:Raymond Dillard Heflin

Musik: Past Projects - Dolmen/ABSU/Equimanthorn/Equitant/Equitant & Yasmin Gate/Starchaser Network. Graphic Design: Current Projects - Black Montanas/Equitant Art.

Equitant (Raymond Dillard Heflin) – Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers & Lyrical Obscurity (DOLMEN/ABSU 1989 - 2002) – The other co-founder of the bands with Shaftiel, Equitant created most of the band's artwork (including all logo incarnations) and along with Proscriptor, they were the lyrical insight of ABSU. Equitant was notorious for alternating between guitar and bass duties depending on the line-up for live performances and recordings. In 2002, he left the band to springboard his own musical project "Equitant" full time (that have its origins as far back as 1993 consisting of Dungeon Synth, Electro, Techno & EBM) releasing several albums, EPs, remixes and collaborations from 1993-2015. Equitant’s previous bands also include Karnage, Karrion, Eternus, Necrotic, Azathoth, Furnace Etc. and even contributed a composition to the self-titled album, Absu, making him a “silent member” to this day. Equitant currently continues graphic design duties with Proscriptor & ABSU (apparel, merchandise & re-releases). , Facebook , Facebook , , , Soundcloud , Bandcamp , Facebook
Aliases:Ray Heflin
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