Real Name:Jérôme Deuson

Jérôme Deuson aka aMute is based in Belgium.
This musical project was born back in 2003 and it all started with an appearance on the Intr-Version compilation that same year called "staurday Morning Empires" along people like Tim Hecker, Polmo Polpo and Mitchell Akiyama.

What followed over the years were a lot of releases on many labels, a lot of concert and very intense desire to melt all of Jérôme's influences in his compositions.
Back in 2008 aMute even became a band for the time of an album called "Infernal Heights for A Drama". The album had people lost. aMute's music was knowned for being a solo project and now all of sudden aMute were playing festivals and rock shows. The band collapsed quite fast because of so many turmoils and Deuson came back to his first love : solo work.

Since 2012 aMute has offered new albums every two years with the same assumed ambiguity of creating a music that cannot so easily classify itself. , Bandcamp
Aliases:Jérôme Deuson


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