Ota Petřina

Real Name:
Otakar Petřina
Czech guitarist, vocalist, composer, band leader, arranger, producer.

Born June 4, 1949 in Malé Žernoseky (Litoměřice district, former Czechoslovakia). Died July 11, 2015. husband of Hana Petřinová, father of Otakar Petřina a.k.a. Marpo.

During his studies at the Prague Conservatory (1964–1970) he performed with various amateur beat groups. Since autumn 1968 he had professional engagements in the Rokoko Theatre Prague backing orchestra, which eventually evolved to Orchestr Golden Kids, as well as studio session work with the Czechoslovak Radio Dance Orchestra. In 1971 he founded Václav Neckář’s backing band Bacily, whose member and leader he was until 1974. Between 1974 and 1987 Petřina did not perform in public (reportedly due to a ban from the communist authorities as a consequence from his refusal to cut off his long hair), instead he focused on composing and arranging for performers like Neckář, C&K Vocal, Petra Janů, Luboš Pospíšil and others, as well as leading the corresponding studio groups.
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