Aksak Maboul


The band formed in 1977 by Crammed Discs founder Marc Hollander and his musical partner Vincent Kenis. The aesthetics of Aksak Maboul (deconstructing and fusing many different genres, from rock, jazz, and electronics to fake African, Balkan & minimal music) can retrospectively be viewed as a blueprint for most of the music which was released by Crammed during the next two decades. In the 21st century the band re-assembled around Marc Hollander and Véronique Vincent who is now a prominent member anno 2020, alongside Marc & Véronique's daughter Faustine, Lucien Fraipont and Erik Heestermans. One could argue that the current band is a blend of Aksak Maboul Mk.I and The Honeymoon Killers ...

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Members:Chris Cutler, Denis Van Hecke, Erik Heestermans, Faustine Hollander, Frank Wuyts, Fred Frith, Lucien Fraipont, Marc Hollander, Véronique Vincent, Vincent Kenis
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