Karel Vlach Orchestra

Real Name:Orchestr Karla Vlacha

Czech big band. Originally formed by saxophonist Karel Vlach in 1939. Reorganized in 1945, with continuous focus on big band swing à la Glenn Miller And His Orchestra. Engagement at the “Karlín Musical Theatre” 1948–1953, often credited as the Variety Theatre Orchestra, sometimes also as Filmový Taneční Orchestr or “Filmový jazzový orchestr” (“Film Dance/Jazz Orchestra”). Since the 1950s the orchestra has also backed pop vocalists on records and on stage, they have performed with nearly all “major” Czech singers at one time or another, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s. Leader and conductor Karel Vlach died in 1986. The orchestra was still actively performing as of 2007. , , Wikipedia
Aliases:Charlie Martin And His Orchestra, Filmový Taneční Orchestr, Variety Theatre Orchestra
Members:A. Müller (6), David Holý, Eugen Illin, Felix Slováček, František Plichta, František Sulz, Gery Scott, Ivan Matějček, Ivo Preis, Jan Arnet, Jan Novák, Jan Rychlík, Jan Smolík, Jaromír Honzák, Jaroslav Dřevikovský, Jaroslav Kabát, Jaroslav Kopáček, Jaroslav Král, Jaroslav Lautner, Jaroslav Štrudl
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