Χάρις Αλεξίου

Real Name:Χαρίκλεια Ρουπάκα (Hariklia Roupaka)

Romanized name: Haris Alexiou

Greek singer born in 1950 in Thiva (Θήβα), Greece.
Ex-wife of Αχιλλέας Θεοφίλου (married in 1975), sister to Γιώργος Σαρρής.

"Όταν Πίνει Μια Γυναίκα" 7", 45RPM in 1970, was the first recording and contract of "Χάρις Αλεξίου" with Μίνως Μάτσας & Υιός Α.Ε. her reward for this contract (and some of the contracts that followed) was one copy of the recorded vinyl, it was Στέλιος Καζαντζίδης that fought companies in order to establish artist's reward by %.

Her album "Γυρίζοντας Τον Κόσμο" sold over 135.000 copies in Greece and became platinum.

Founder and owner of Estia Recordings. , YouTube , Facebook , Wikipedia , X


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