Twenty 4 Seven


Dutch dance best known for hip-house track "I Can't Stand It!" (1990) and eurobeat track "Slave To The Music" (1993).
Run by producer Ruud van Rijen, with 2 currently active line-ups;
Twenty 4 Seven feat. Stay-C & Li-Ann
Twenty 4 Seven feat. Nance, Jacks & Hanks.

Male performers have been MC Fixx It (Ricardo Overman), Captain Hollywood (Tony Dawson-Harrison) and Stay-C (Stacey S. Seedorf alias Stacey Paton).
Female performers have been Nance (Nancy Coolen), Stella (3) and Elle.
In 2010 Twenty 4 Seven returned with a new line-up; Stay-C & Li-Ann.
In 2019 Twenty 4 Seven announced the return of the original singer Nancy Coolen for a new 2nd line-up; Nance, Jacks (7) & Hanks.

At the end of 2022, it was announced that former Cappella front woman Kelly Overett will substitute for Li-Ann, due to her pregnancy, on the 2023 live shows.

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Aliases:Twenty 4th Street
Members:Elle, Giovanni Falco, Jacks (7), Jim Soulier, Li-Ann, Nance, Ricardo Overman, Ruud van Rijen, Stay-C, Stella (3), Tony Dawson-Harrison
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