Power Jam

Power Jam was the first name under which German producers Michael Münzing (Benito Benites) and Luca Anzilotti (John Virgo Garrett III) were noticed for their 1990 Hit "The Power".
The first version of "The Power" was an amalgamate of samples. The beats were taken from Mantronix's "King Of The Beats Lesson #1" (from their 1990 album "This Should Move Ya"), the vocals were taken from "Let The Words Flow" by rapper Chill Rob G and from "Love's Gonna Get You" by Jocelyn Brown.
The record became instantly popular in both Europe and North America. But the samples were all unauthorized. In Germany, Arista Records had a deal with Stu Fine, former owner of Wild Pitch Records, but they didn’t have a deal for the US. Chill Rob G consented to a US release (which he thought could be lucrative). But Arista Records wanted to release it there too.
Since Arista couldn't release the same single, they decided to re-record the whole track with new lyrics by rapper Durron Butler AKA Turbo B. and additional vocals by Penny Ford. The samples were then all legally cleared and the song finally re-released under the new name Snap!.

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March 12, 2012
Pretty sure the artist profile is incorrect.

If Snap couldn't get permission to use lyrics from "Let the Words Flow" why do some of the lyrics still appear in the finished product?

Wild Pitch were a US hip hop label. I doubt they would have signed a dance group from Germany.

Here is what I have pieced together through reading about what happened through the years:
Snap sampled Chill Rob G's line "It's gettin kinda hectic" from "Let the Words Flow". As a result Wild Pitch approached Snap for damages. Wild Pitch were given permission to use Snap's music to release their own version of The Power with more lyrics lifted from "Let the Words Flow".

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