Mark Solotroff

Real Name:Mark Solotroff

Mark Solotroff is best known as the vocalist of the doom band Anatomy Of Habit and the heavy electronic band BLOODYMINDED, and as the founder of the early post-industrial band Intrinsic Action. He also has a more than 35 year history playing analog synthesizer. His synth work has been at the core of his bands BLOODYMINDED and Intrinsic Action, and he recorded and released 100 hours of lo-fi analog synth music under the name Super Eight Loop. He is part of the dark-synth group Nightmares and the Milan-based groups Ensemble Sacrés Garçons and The Sodality. In 2024, Solotroff and J.R. Robinson co-founded The Mercury Impulse. Solotroff has also collaborated with and contributed synth and/or vocals to numerous bands, ranging from a four year role in Wrekmeister Harmonies, to live appearances and/or studio recordings with diverse electronic, experimental, and metal bands, including The Atlas Moth, Azar Swan, Brutal Truth, Consumer Electronics, Indian, Locrian, Plague Bringer, and Sigillum S. Solotroff's synth work was also included in his remixes for The Body (3) ("Remixed" on Thrill Jockey), Statiqbloom (“Asphyxia Remixed” on Synthicide), and Snow Burial (“Painting The Streets With Our Blood”). , Bandcamp , Instagram , Facebook
Aliases:Super Eight Loop, Surgical Stainless Steel
In Groups:A Vague Disquiet, Anatomy Of Habit, Animal Law, BLOODYMINDED, Ensemble Sacrés Garçons, Intrinsic Action, Nightmares, The Fortieth Day, The Mercury Impulse, The Sodality, Wrekmeister Harmonies
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