Makoto Ogawa

Real Name:
Ogawa Makoto (小川麻琴) is a Japanese singer and former member of Morning Musume. She joined the group in August 2001 along with Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, and Konno Asami. On April 28, 2006, alongside Konno Asami, Ogawa announced that she would graduate from Morning Musume in order to study English in New Zealand. On March 31, 2009, She graduated from Hello! Project with the rest of the Elder Club. Afterwards she became a part of Dream Morning Musume.

On March 31, 2015, Ogawa retired from the entertainment industry, but returned to activities a year later.
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EPCE-5387 Makoto Ogawa - レインボー7 album art モーニング娘。* 無色透明なままで (as 小川麻琴) モーニング娘。* - レインボー7(CD, Album, Ltd) Zetima EPCE-5387 Japan 2006 Sell This Version


PKCP-5001 Makoto Ogawa - ザ・童謡ポップス1 クリスマスと冬のうた集 album art Hello! Project 一月一日 and 1 more… Hello! Project - ザ・童謡ポップス1 クリスマスと冬のうた集(CD, Album, Comp) Piccolo Town PKCP-5001 Japan 2001 Sell This Version
PKCP-5013 Makoto Ogawa - 新作童謡ポップス(一) album art Hello! Project 朝昼夜の唄 Hello! Project - 新作童謡ポップス(一)(CD, Album, Comp) Piccolo Town PKCP-5013 Japan 2002 Sell This Version
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